Service Offerings

I’ve studied behavioural science in my post-secondary studies. I continued in the path of psychology for my postgraduate studies. I’ve worked as a certified national school psychologist for several years and worked for a local school board as a psychoeducational consultant for almost a decade. So not only do I have the work experience and personal experience, but I also have the educational background. You can work with me in several ways.


One-one-One Coaching

Private 1-on-1 coaching for those who want dedicated support and a tailored strategy for their unique needs.


Group Coaching

An 8-week group coaching experience where you’re elevated by the group support and from the accountability factor.

Keep The Conversation Going


Facilitated interactive workshops and seminars that will be beneficial to your organization.

Let's Work Together

If you’re always feeling shy or too scared to start a conversation with someone due to fear of rejection then is for you. Let’s work together!

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What clients are saying...

Fiana was very creative with her challenges and it taught me new things about how to effectively make a compliment. I love that Fiana takes her time to help individuals break out of their comfort zone and would highly recommend that you utilize her services.

Are you Ready To Work Together?

Not only will you learn how to approach or be approached, you will learn how to create approachable opportunities on your own and not only that, a bonus with staying connected is the opportunity to attend events where the approachable opportunities are created for you so that it’s even easier to apply your skills you’ve learned. As you can see, having in your life is a benefit.