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What is an approachability strategist you may ask? Well, I help you learn approachability strategies so that you can approach or be approached without fear so that you can get that relationship that you so desire. Whether it be romantically or not, you can use these same strategies at work with your colleague or at home with your family or friends. I am the shy advocate because I know how it feels to be shy and I strive to encourage and support other shys in their journey of overcoming shyness. This journey is not an easy one and you may never not be shy but if you apply the strategies I share you will have the tools to feel the fear but still approach or be approached. Therefore opening open many more opportunities to meet new people and become steps closer to accomplishing the desired relationship.
But my experience may not be enough for you to trust me and you may want to know my background. Well, the study of people is an interest of mine. This interest led me to study behavioural science in post-secondary studies. I continued in the path of psychology for my postgraduate studies. I’ve worked as a certified national school psychologist for several years and worked for a local school board as a psychoeducational consultant for almost a decade. So not only do I have the work experience and personal experience, but I also have the educational background.
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Get To Know | Fiana Patrice

Favourite Travel Spot:   Cape Town, South Africa

Can’t Live Without:   Starbucks

Must Have Accessory:   Confidence

Best Advice:   Be confident and stay positive

Describe yourself in one Word:   Entrepreneur

Secret Talent:   Singing in the Shower


I enjoyed working with Fiana because she gave us practical and doable challenges. She also gave real time feedback and it was fun.

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