Oh Hey, I’m Fiana

If you’re scared of starting a conversation with someone because you’re afraid of being rejected, then JustSayHeyGirl.com is for you! I’m an approachability strategist who is affectionately called the “shy advocate”. I help you learn approachability strategies so that you can approach or be approached without fear so that you can start the relationship that you want.

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Work With Me

I am the “shy advocate” because I know how it feels to be shy. This journey is not an easy one and while you may never completely get over being shy, with the strategies I teach you will have the tools to feel the fear and do it anyway. These teachings are researched-based, evidence-based and from my own experiences. I don’t just say what I think works. I share what I know works based on what research says or tried and proven true by my own experiences.

What Clients are Saying...

Fiana was very creative with her challenges and it taught me new things about how to effectively make a compliment. I love that Fiana takes her time to help individuals break out of their comfort zone and would highly recommend that you utilize her services.
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I enjoyed working with you because you gave us practical and doable challenges. You also gave real time feedback and it was fun.
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Are you Ready To Work Together?

Not only will you learn how to approach or be approached, you will learn how to create approachable opportunities on your own and not only that, a bonus with staying connected is the opportunity to attend events where the approachable opportunities are created for you so that it’s even easier to apply your skills you’ve learned. As you can see, having JustSayHeyGirl.com in your life is a benefit.